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Disappearing child’s games

BY PET MELLIZA/ THE BEEKEEPER   Today’s kids may be amused at us for ignorance of their favorite TV shows but we can laugh back at them, more likely than not, for not knowing “ins” or “pabanog”.   The words lost in the minds of Ilonggo children may lengthen. “Tubig-tubig”, “punaw-punaw”, “tumba patis”, “paga-paga” or […]

Adobo Ilonggo et al to bark louder as polls loom

By Pet Melliza This paper’s publisher Rommel Ynion assured columnist Larry Locara and yours truly we were free to write on any thing so long as we were factual and the issues involved public interest. “You can even criticize me,” he said. That was last year. Larry and I hadn’t dared to do so. In […]

Expect nothing from China

China, far from being a socialist state that it claims it is, is now betraying itself as capitalist wracked by crisis of overproduction and excess financial capital. It is now an imperialist state in league with the US, Japan, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia which must expand beyond their borders to occupy lands and subjugate peoples, […]

Looking for honest person

BY PET MELLIZA/THE BEEKEEPER The segment of the national road at the plaza of Mandurriao district, Iloilo City, fronting the PNP station was still serviceable. Its 11-inch thick base can could still last for another 10 years but for some reasons, it was condemned and reconstructed. In contrast, the road traversing the old airport from Dungon […]

Tong-Tong will return with vengeance

By Pet Melliza/ The Beekeeper Rep. Jerry Trenas (lone district, Iloilo City) is a genius political strategist, if we recalled how he perfectly executed his plot of dislodging his erstwhile ally Erwin “Tong-Tong” Plagata from the vice-mayoral race. Tong-Tong was a rising political star then as member of the Iloilo City council. Aside from his […]

Kape kag Isyu (14 April 2012)

ILOILO CITY, Philippines (14 April 2012) — Today’s resource speaker in Kape kag Isyu, Jerry Bionat, explains that the earth’s movements as it rotates and revolves in its orbit, cause climactic changes and movements within the crust of the earth that results to typhoons, earthquakes, landslides, lightnings and tornadoes among others. The earth’s interaction with […]

Hall of Injustice

BY PET MELLIZA/ THE BEEKEEPER The  tremblor of February 6, 2012 is befuddling. Only a 5.7 intensity shook Iloilo which caused zero casualty unlike the 6.9 in the Richter Scale that triggered landslides killing over 200 people in Negros Oriental, broke bridges and rolled concrete roads like mats. No steel bridge collapsed nor concrete road […]