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Kape kag Isyu (March 31, 2012)

ILOILO CITY (31 March 2012) — Today’s guests: 

– Dr. Florentino Alerta, faculty, Central Philipine University (CPU) College of Medicine, specialist in occupational/family medicine andpublic health; partner with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in promoting work safety;

– Ruby Pearl Dapitan, and OFW workign in a construction company in Doha, Qatar, and president of Workshop@ibapa, an NGO promoting the health and safety of pregnant women, with focus on indigents and indigenous people (IPs) of the Philippines.

– Cecille Jalandoni, treasurer of Workshop@ibapa.

– Dr. Gerald Berondo, newly elected president of the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) – Iloilo Chapter.


Dr. Alerta declared that the DOLE will be coming up with a Department Order requiring all employers to enroll their employees with PhilHealth and the SSS to compensate workers funds in case of accidents or disability.

“Some companies just hire con tractuals for five months to circumvent their regularization and to exempt themselves from paying for their SSS and PhilHealth premiums.

“Even before the issuance of the order, I am urging companies to ensure the health of your workers because this will also redound to your profits. Sickly employees perform less, and that means less profits,” explained Alerta.


Ruby Pearl Dapitan says the programs implemented by their NGO is funded mainly through the contribution of members, all women, and their beneficiaries are in different Philippine islands.

They hold medical check ups (pre-natal, pop-smear) for pregnant and lactating mothers, hold fora with them on child care, nutrition and mother’s health. 

Their membership is nationwide.


Dr. Gerald Berondo said PDA-Iloilo had continued the program of his predecessor of visiting barangays to hold free dental clinic, only for the first 50 persons who enlisted.

“Dental health is crucial to the growth and health of persons,” he said. Though costly, people must invest to protect their health, he added.

For his organizational progam, Berondo announced he would be campaign against non-registered dentists operating clinics.

“Unregistered denstis cannot practice alone. They may be allowed to practice what they learned in the dentistry school provided they are under the supervision of registered dentists,” he added.


Pics below


After the show, we repaired to Airliner which specializes in “manok tinuum” and “soup No. 9”.


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