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Mega dam debt and death trap

ILOILO CITY – We wish to be like Sen. Franklin Drilon ecstatically crowing on the proposed mega-dam in central Iloilo, his “gift” to Ilonggos that promises jobs, brisker agriculture activities, prosperity and what not. Whenever we hear of mega dams, we are reminded of  disasters like Drilon’s earlier “gift” to Iloilo, the P120 million building called […]

‘New wonder cities’ game for kids

BY PET MELLIZA/ THE BEEKEEPER The heat from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. these days reminds us of one substance we need to avoid dehydration and heat stroke – water. Have it ready by your side. Drink it when thirsty. The noontime or mid-afternoon sun burns like the heat wave from the kitchen fire to […]

UP privatization

BY PET MELLIZA   Schools are again jacking up matriculation fees next academic year. We are not qualifying the word whether “private” or “public” because both are raising their fees. The latter though is self-contradictory because public schools are supposedly free but the gods of Malacanang and Congress purvey public schools to mean everything but […]

Vatican has lots to learn

BY PET MELLIZA/ THE BEEKEEPER   Rituals I used to call “religious” no longer excite me now but there is at least one that still fires me up and that is reunions of alumni of the seminary where I studied.   One of these is the “family day” every May 1 where we gather at […]

City robs market vendors

BY PET MELLIZA/THE BEEKEEPER   Ang taong nagigipit sa patalim kumakapit, goes a Tagalog adage of desperate people don’t minding grabbing at anything including knives to survive.   The maxim resonates here as: Ang taong nagigipit, sa Bombay kumakapit. People in want are willing to  contract loan sharks.   That’s the situation now of entrepreneurs at public markets […]

Mayor Escorpion defies Ombudsman

BY  PET MELLIZA/ THE BEEKEEPER Igbaras, Iloilo Mayor Vicente Escorpion defies the Ombudsman, thus, should be held liable. He first refused to implement the Ombudsman’s order absolving two municipal employees, treasurer Cynthia Cabanero and accounting clerk Pio Elumba of any administrative liability. Next, he defied the same law by refusing to pay the two back […]

Knowing Pepsi through Coke

BY PET MELLIZA/ THE BEEKEEPER   Coca Cola may be a reliable source of information but you may only get a biased, if not polluted, one if you relied solely on it to know about Pepsi, and vice versa. The reason is obvious: both are rivals in soft drink trade which, as a matter of […]