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Expect nothing from China

China, far from being a socialist state that it claims it is, is now betraying itself as capitalist wracked by crisis of overproduction and excess financial capital. It is now an imperialist state in league with the US, Japan, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia which must expand beyond their borders to occupy lands and subjugate peoples, or twist the arms of weaker states to agree to unequal trade agreements, the way the Philippines has been dictated to enact laws (e.g. Mining Act of 1997) favorable to these foreign giants but detrimental to the Filipino people.

It is bullying the Philippines and using the same gunboat diplomacy applied on it by imperialist powers in the 19th century in order to secure its foothold on Panatag Shoals and the Spratlys which are thousands of miles away from its shorelines.

Can’t agree more with the CPP in branding the political leadership of China as “revisionist”.


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