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>Ceasefire for the time being

> BY PET MELLIZA, The Beekeeper In deference to the good Gov. Arthur D. Defensor, Sr., yours truly is suspending write ups on Team Pagbag-o, the caboodle charting the path towards “pagbag-o” for the province and its 1.7 million constituents, and is composed of, namely: the Four Sirens of the Apocalypse, Dr. Jekyl & Hyde, […]

>Bigger ‘multi-species freshwater fish" hatchery up in Iloilo

> Provincial legislators, from L to R: Licurgo Tirador, Suzette Alquisada and Jett Rojas ILOILO CITY, Philippines – The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) is infusing P3.5 million grant to IloiloProvince to expand the latter’s inland fish hatchery, making the Central Philippine province the second to host a “fresh water multi-species hatchery”, officials […]

>Kabayao family musical ensemble

> (The following was read out before the “Hinun-anon”, a dinner- forum of sort but actually more of party fun, at the Smallville Hotel, Iloilo City tendered by a line-up of candidates in the coming election of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines – Iloilo Chapter. The piece is an exerpt from the feature written […]

>sign of neglect

> These images are taken not from a junkshop. These are funtioning pieces of equipment employees at the Iloilo Provincial Prosecutor’s Office, Iloilo City, are making do with due to low budget.

>Tragic-Comedy at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol

>Something uncanny is unfolding at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol. A cabal of “experts” are out to re-engineer its personnel and offices. The cabal comprises the Four Sirens of the Apocalypse namely, Famine, Draught, Pestilence and Pandemic, Dr. Jekyl & Hyde, and Madame Laptop. Dr. Jekyl and the four Sirens of the Apocalypse are succeeding in […]

>What’s in uniform? (2)

>BY PET MELLIZA THE BEEKEEPER The cabal pushing to corner the P4,000 clothing allowance of each employee of the Iloilo provincial government (IPG) may have taken a retreat since this space unmasked their sinister plot with commentaries in the web and in The News Today, a daily in Iloilo City. But employees must not let […]

>Pistong Melliza (21)

>Pistong Melliza (21)