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Victim of Ombudsman’s bullying (2)

BY PET MELLIZA/ THE BEEKEEPER When Atty. Sonnette Daquita assumed as OIC-director of the Ombudsman office in Iloilo City, yours truly offered through this corner my services to train investigators of her office as some of them were non-lawyers and struggling with written English like Roderick Blazo, who I tag in this space “quack investigator”. […]

Victims of Ombudsman abuse

BY PET MELLIZA/THE BEEKEEPER PNoy  has lots to do to rid the Ombudsman’s office of ruffians and quack investigators despite the forced resignation of Omb. Merceditas Gutierrez April 2011, and the retirement of Virginia Palanca-Santiago who sported the unreal post of “assistant ombudsman” July 17, 2012. Much is yet to be done in his quest […]

Quinta, Caycay and mega dam

In the aftermath of Typhoon Quinta (December 25-27, 2012), flotsams like plastics stuck on tree branches and power lines, about six meters high in Banate, Iloilo. They are indicators of the height the floodwater reached. Quinta drenched Iloilo starting December 25 afternoon until 27th morning, though it still drizzled until evening. On the 26th, the radio […]

Rommel must clean up heavy equipment mess

BY PET MELLIZA/ THE BEEKEEPER Indo Paluay, number one councilor of Pototan, Iloilo and running for reelection in that town, built a rest house last year from his commission in the sale of heavy equipment to a mining company. Through his connection with the principal supplier, he was able to deliver six units of bulldozers, […]

Farce democracy

By Pet Melliza/The Beekeeper Pres. Corazon Aquino (RIP) in 1990 regretted having restored our freedoms, particularly, the press which did nothing but fault-finding. If she was referring to the upheaval that toppled the dictator Marcos and the subsequent widening of the democratic space for Filipinos, she missed it badly. First off, freedom, democracy in general, […]

Who’s the aggressor?

BY Pet Melliza/ The Beekeeper The world is in crisis because North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un “declared war” on South Korea and the United States, America and its corporate media say. But reporter Scott Creighton (4th Media and writes that corporate media merely put poorly translated words into Kim’s mouth. The statement is not a declaration […]

New-7-wonder-cities fantasia

By Pet Melliza/ The Beekeeper When we saw the pictures posted by Peter Jimenea on a social medium evening of April 5, we thought he was only doing his duty as journalist reminding authorities to install warning signs on mounds of aggregates along the road. We didn’t realize that Peter took those pictures more as […]