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Virginia Palanca-Santiago’s exercise of raw power (44)

By Pet Melliza/ The Beekeeper A post early dawn of May 30 in cyberspace social medium has former Iloilo provincial administrator, now columnist Manuel Mejorada, hitting the Ombudsman for sitting on his graft suit against Rep. Augusto Syjuco (Lakas, Iloilo, 2nd district). He slapped Syjuco the complaint in 2004, more known now as “cellphone scam”. Here, […]

Negros Oriental’s Ordinance No. 5

By Pet Melliza/ The Beekeeper Negros Oriental is the only province in the Philippines to have enacted an ordinance prohibiting humanitarian services to areas of armed conflict between the Philippine government and rebels. Stated otherwise, that Central Visayas province licenses harassments of members of fact-finding and relief missions to far far-flung villages where civilians are […]

Last bodega, fishing fleet gone from Iloilo river

By Pet S. Melliza Four persons, including a police officer, died; four others were injured in a shootout in Jaro district, Iloilo City during the “bikini open”, an activity lined-up in its annual fiesta celebration. That’s not an isolated case in the country where fiestas are celebrated in the name of angels and saints, god […]

International river summit greenwashing

BY PET MELLIZA/ THE BEEKEEPER Something’s amiss with the so-called “1st Philippine International River Summit” May 30 – June 1.  Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog and Rep. Jerry Trenas erected billboards congratulating themselves after a shadowy international body named LivCom picked Iloilo City in 2010 an “awardee”,  one of the most “livable communities”  because of an imaginary […]

People’s PUJ terminal to rise in Oton

By Pet Melliza/ The Beekeeper A “people’s terminal” will rise for jeepneys and buses of southern Iloilo similar to that of Pavia town. Southern Iloilo drivers and operators have no choice. Iloilo City has become hostile ground. The local government and bogus transport leaders blame them for traffic congestion and diminishing income of city loop […]

Vanishing trade: pandayan

BY PET MELLIZA   Ask today’s kids if they knew of the other meaning of “panday” and chances are, they have only one in memory, the carpenter. They don’t know that the term also refers to blacksmith, the one which heats iron or steel into a fiery mass and hammers it to shape – knife, […]


By Pet Melliza/ The Beekeeper     Facts are getting clearer that the Ombudsman-Visayas handpicked a quack investigator, Roderick Blazo, to probe the so-called “ghost” road rehabilitation project in Igbaras, Iloilo. He crumbled to pieces on his own weight April 23 at the Sandiganbayan hearing. His own admissions showed he rigged his findings.   Virginia […]