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>Mabilog’s nitwits

>The Beekeeper BY Pet Melliza (Iloilo City, Philippines)–The way Iloilo City mayor Jedd Patrick Mabilog stacks the Anti-Prostitution Task Force with nitwits, it is already a foregone conclusion that it will solve everything particularly the empty pockets of its operatives, except, well, prostitution. Yours truly would rather suggest that the enforcement of the anti-prostitution task […]

>The Beekeeper

>Onli in Irong-Irong, da Pilipins by Pet Melliza Irong-irong indeed is blessed with the Traffic Mismanagement and Mis-engineering Unit which solves everything except traffic snarls. The campaign of the city against jaywalking is all for show. The task force anti-jaywalking si stacked with casuals and “job hires” (those whose term of employment is during the […]