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Cha-cha has political aims

The Oil Cartel jacked up again fuel prices by P2 per liter triggering uproar from advocacy groups, one of which is the nationwide transport alliance PISTON. The cartel has no reason to burden consumers further given the super-profits its members already raked even before the Oil Deregulation Law took effect in 1996. The Philippines used […]

Caligula vs supreme council

Caligula, monarch of yonder kingdom  appears to be losing grip of his royal  entourage who suddenly became noisy after sensing he forgot the adage that among thieves, there is still honor to observe. He gobbled up all the racket without spreading the sunshine. Hence, the uproar now rocking yonder kingdom from the poor, deprived and […]

Accident at faded traffic lane

An employee of the Iloilo Provincial Government and her child  collapsed at the pedestrian crossing connecting  Casa Plaza Building from the Capitol Building, Iloilo City.  The driver of the speeding taxi luckily stepped on the break on time; his victims suffered minor injuries. Her husband though, also a provincial employee, saw the near-tragic scene and […]

Iloilo River tourism ek-ek again

Wish to sing hallelujahs to Sen. Frank Drilon for pushing Iloilo River close to the trophy and bag the $200,000 the shadowy outfit based in Australia, Thiess International Riverprize award, dangles for whoever wins the title “cleanest river in the world.” Iloilo River, an arm of the sea, not exactly a river, is among the […]

Herbal cure for dengue

In these days when dengue patients crowd even corridors and every available space of district hospitals in Iloilo Province, it is still: bawal magkasakit! And only health professionals, not this writer, can suggest cure for ailments.   Dengue has downed over 1,200 persons in Iloilo, 10 of them mortalities, the highest in Western Visayas. The […]

Where are the traffic aides?

We are not alone in asking the query above. Broadcast commentators in fact pounded on that earlier. Bedlam reigns in Iloilo City roads daily. We don’t want to add to the barbs already slung on Joe Tengco, head of the TMTRO which should read “Traffic Mismanagement and Transport Regulatory Office”.  He already has enough. If […]