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oil spill contractor’s bungling continues

As I have written earlier, Kuan Yu, the contractor awarded the P 87 M job of cleaning up the shore of Estancia from the oil spill, is a fraud. A big fraud. Baldog gid.

It has no track record in oil spill clean up nor salvaging of sunken or grounded vessels.


Dalan sa Brgy Daan Banwa, Estancia,Iloilo., Ang mga Bunker fuel nga ginkuha sa shoreline sang etancia ginpanambakan sa brgy road. Ngareklamo ang mga pumuluyo tungod sa kabaho sang bunker fuel. pipila diri, ginpanambakan sa lubak sang dalan. (photos by Ilonggo Pamuklat)

The spill started Nov. 8, 2013 when supertyphoon Yolanda lashed northern Iloilo. Storm surges brought by the typhoon battered Power Barge 103 of the National Power Corporation (Napocor) and grounded it on the rocky shore of Brgy. Botongon, Estancia, Iloilo, and puncturing its hull in the process.

Until now, the clean up is not yet done. One worker, a refugee from the storm and oil spill, already died — his asthma aggravated from the benzene fumes, among other toxic gasses from the bunker fuel.

God must have performed a miracle in showering Karl Augustus Young, owner of Kuan Yu, huge blessings. His company, engaged only in water purifying and distribution, has only P62,500 paid up capital. It has no equipment nor a standing crew of personnel trained in salvaging and oil spill clean up.

A certain Franklin Drilon, alleged to be from Iloilo and allegedly still, the senate president, announced November 19 that Kuan Yu won the public bidding. With prophetic precision the following day, PSALM (Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management, Corp., a government entity) named Kuan Yu the winning bidder.

Kuan Yu though began working December 8 by siphoning off the remaining bunker fuel from ill fated barge — using a rickety pump borrowed from the Coast Guard.

Its primitive crew consisted of “balde” and “sandok” brigades which scooped bunker debris using pails and sans safety gears like rubber gloves and boots and gas masks.

Instead of spraying bunker fuel that dried up on the concrete ground and the rocky shore, Kuan Yu people used freshwater in spraying — enraging authorities at the Botongon Elem. School because Kuan Yu people merely sunk their bunker contaminated pipe from the school well to pump the water out.

Now the school well, contaminated with bunker fuel and benzene, is no longer fit for drinking.

Bwisit nga Franklin Drilon!


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