Kuan Yu enrages school

Bwisit nga Frank Drilon!

Kuan Yu Global Technologies, Corp. dungol gid: it has no equipment nor trained manpower, how could a water purifier and bottler wrest a multi-million contract?

Leo Amisco, a teacher of Botaongon Elementary school is grumbling against the ineptness of Kuan Yu, the lucky contractor which wrested the P87 M job of cleaning up the oil spill.

Brgy. Botongon is the worst hit when Napocor’s Power Barge 103 was battered by storm surges on the rocky shore of the fishing village that supertyphoon Yolanda whipped up November 8, 2013.

Kuan Yu’s latest caper enrages the school community: it helped itself to the school pump, took out its PVC pipe and attached it to its pump to draw seawater with which  to spray on oil sludge on rocks and concrete pavement. The pipe could no longer be used to draw potable water from the school well.

(Note: In our consultation with victims in Estancia, January 23 at the town center itself, Botongon still reeks of searing, biting stench in day time as the heat from the sun whips up benzene fumes, among others.

(Amisco brought to my attention an inaccuracy. Kuan Yu people did not pull out the pump from the well so to use its pipe to draw water from the sea. They actually sunk into the school well their own contaminated pipe to pump fresh water a with which to spray on rocks, walls and concrete pavements using a compressor to wash off bunker fuel. now, it is the school’ swell that is contaminated. — Mga dungol gid!)

Gov. Arthur D. Defensor, Sr. ordered the forced evacuation oF 480 plus families November 22, 2013 due to high level of benzene fumes emitted by the bunker fuel that spread to more than 10 kilometers from the Napocor pier at Botongon, Estancia.

Kuan Yu the contractor has no track record in oil spill clean up and salvaging yet it still wrenched the juicy contract in a shadowy public bidding November 20. (A day earlier, Sen Franklin Drilon named before Iloilo reportors Kuan Yu as the winning bidder.)

It has no equipment nor trained manpower. It still rented equipment and recruited fresh manpower. It’s laborers used only pails and nylon sacks to collect bunker fuel and debris.

Kuan Yu has only P62,500 paid up capital and engages in water purifying and bottling. It’s personnel were not even provided safety gadgets like gloves and gas masks.

Kuan Yu finally rolled its sleeves December 8 by siphoning the remaining bunker fuel from the barge — using a pump borrowed from the Coast Guard..

In photos below, taken this morning at the Capitol Canteen, are Amisco and provincial employee Larry Locara who expressed shock how an unqualified contractor was given a contract it could not do.

Pistong Melliza's photo.
Pistong Melliza's photo.

Brgy. Botongon Elementary School resumed classes January 6, 2014 – under tents as all it’s school buildings were ruined by supertyphoon Yolanda. Classes though were suspended that at 8:30 am that same day because the sun heated up the uncollected bunker fuel on the shore, whipping up fumes of benzene, among other toxins.

Amisco added that Kuan Yu personnel used only pails nod nylon sacks in the clean up, collecting 10 drums of debris daily, which is short by 10 barrels than that spewed from the damaged barge.

Still, Kuan Yu used the rickety pump borrowed from the Philippine Coast Guard to siphon off the contents from the ill fated Power Barge 103.

To clean up the sludge off the shore and the concrete walls and steps of the public school, Kuan Yu people used a compressor spray with the polluted sea as source.

That merely transfers the dirt from the concrete stairs and rocks to the sand and soil.

Amisco bewailed that they only discovered lately that despite warnings, Kuan Yu people sneaked into the school compound to pull out the school’s pipe. for usein pumping sea water for the “clean up.”

“Dungol gid” fumes Amisco. “We need that pipe for our hand pump. Now we won’t use that because it is already contaminated with bunker fuel.”

Kuan Yu people also bury within the locality the dried up slabs of bunker fuel instead of collecting them and disposing them elsewhere, adds Amisco.

Lately, 50 oil spill victims filed a damaged suit against The National Power Corp. (Napocor) and the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Corp. (PSALM).

Their counsel, the National. Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL) will also sue Kuan Yu and the Philippine Coast Guard in their amended complaînt.

The contract smells of corruption: how could an inept and unqualified Kuan Yu corner the P87 M contract?

That’s one question everybody asks.


12 comments on “Kuan Yu enrages school

  1. Hey paid hack, the clean-up is almost over, the barge has been removed. Of course there are still some things to be done. A lot to be done, clean-up is not like an instant noodle that you can do it fast. Instead of yapping all over why don’t you just help. It takes months of clean-up and then rehabilitation. You just get your facts straight, the PSALM has all the documents regarding the qualification of the contractor. You don’t have it, so who gave you the right to tell everyone that its not qualified. Do you have their official documents? If not please stop yapping and destroying the reputation of other people. Or are you part of the of the group that wants to “extort” money from the contractor? If you are you will definitely get your day in court….

    • Kuan Yu Global Technologies, its name sounds impressive. Its actual performance in the field is outrageous. It is simply a big joke, this water purifying company instantly reborn into a contractor to clean up oil spills and salvaging is something for the world record in inefficiency. It uses rented/borrowed equipment like the pump from the Coast Guard because this company with only 62,500 paid up capital has no means nor track record to carry out the contracted job.

    • Juan Masunurin, you are a fake person. Just be informed, I will face you in any court of law. I am a practicing journalist. I am a member of the bar, too, a member of the NUPL.

      Pretty woman!

  2. You say it’s performance is outrageous but you forget to mention that the contractor already finished salvaging the barged and it is in the final stages of the clean-up. The problems encountered is caused by YBANEZ who still wants to earn a couple of bucks and tries his best to block every effort to finish the work. Do you even have an idea how difficult it is? What you also failed to mention that the owner and their personnel ( formerly First Marine Response Inc.) was also contracted to clean-up the oils spill in Guimaras and Semirara a few years ago and was very successful …. The PSALM knows it and already asked people to refrain from giving “malicious” statements like yours… As I said if you look at oil spill in the Philippines and in other countries, even after clean-up remnants will still remain, there is no such thing as 100% return to normal. It takes months and even years of rehabilitation….

    • First Marine Response, Inc. and Kuan Yu are two distinct persons, with different incorporations, and capitalization. The salvaging of the barge does not signal the end of the contract. Benzene is still around, oil debris still crawls around Botongon, the clean up using sprays (with compressors) Solves nothing: the sludge merely slides down the ground and during high tide, is tossed back on rocks and concrete paths and walls. Meanwhile, Botongon school authorities hiss at Kuan Yu people because, despite absence of authority, the latter sneaked into the school ground, pulled out the pump and removed the pipe which the used to pump seawater to spray with compressor on the oil sludge on rocks and concrete alleys of the school.

      Kuan Yu is just a big joke.

  3. Now the pipe that Kuan Yu used sans authority from the owner is contaminated and can no longer be used.

  4. Kuan Yu has to explain. Karl ignatius young, its owner, is an ex coast guard officer, a cavalier (pmeyer) mistah of Boboy Tupas, vice gov. of. Iloilo. That explains why my curse: “Bwisit nga franklin Drilon.”

  5. I see, your going overtime, you must have just received your allowance from your employers he….he…..yeah right a practicing journalist he..he….. you are the big joke,,,just another “journalist” for hire…..he….he… I really cant stop laughing….I’m not anymore gonna waste my time with you…

    • well, thinkers are doers. you should have shared me some of your loot, people’s money.

      Magdalo your group deserves its name, after the bunch of opportunists led by Aguinaldo who betrayed the revolution and murdered Bonifacio and Antonio Luna.

      Mga salut!

  6. Don’t forget I’m a lawyer, too. See in you court

  7. Karl young is a mistah of Vic. Gov. Boboy Tupas . Bwisit nga franklin Drilon. The connection is clear.

  8. I wish the NPA will visit you one do these days. Karakot kang gago ka.

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