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Epilogue to Boy Angsot strikes anew

Perhaps, this calamity in the Kingdom by the River is one of the rare moments when King Tura blew his top after learning that a very vital office, the seat of the two-way transciever, was shut during the onslaught of the hurricane and its immediate aftermath.


“Yudi…a!” somebody heard him at the end of the line. We don’t know if he repeated the same to Boy Angsot, the man of all seasons, and the commander of the radio room.


Boy Angsot preocupied himself with everything in sight including the free meals served by Dok Nenet of the social welfare for her volunteers.


As info man, he is supposed to inform which he did  not; he left that job instead on Geriboy the disaster coordinator, renamed todate to DRRMO (disaster-risk reduction and mangement officer). But Boy Angsot still got the nerve to gather media people and declare to them that Geriboy did a poor job. He insisted that the disaster man erect a bulletin board for updates for all, especially, reporters to see.


Miffed because Geriboy ignored his bright idea, Boy Angsot instructed radio man Gorio to hit Geriboy and tell his anchor, Doolittle, to interview King Tura in order to press the latter to hit Geriboy for not erecting a bulletin board.


Little did Bloy Angsot knew that Gorio instead reported that, not to his station, but to Geriboy himself.


In the first place, the job of putting up an information system (bulletin board included) is not Geriboy ‘sbut Boy Angsot’s. And the task of feeding the media with information — and food for those staying 24 hours — also falls on the lap of Boy Angsot but which the unfortunbate Geriboy is doing.


Geriboy’s office has computer print-outs available to all seeking updates on the hurricane’s aftermath.


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