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Boy Angsot strikes again

Boy Angsot strikes again, for the nth time, once more, etc.

Pity be on Dyukalping and her boss Lee Kurging of the Kingdom by the River who Boy Angsot, bogus PIO of the Kingdom by the River, ang his accomplice Whole Ya of the accounting, hit with a monkey wrench.

On order from Boy Angsot, Whole Ya dropped her name from the payroll which has an immediate effect of depriving her of salary for one month. Boy Angsot ruled that Dyukalping’s signature in her daily time record (DTR) was fake, and so was that of Lee Kurging.

Dyukalping is detailed to the office of Lee Kurging, a solon of the kingdom. In other words, it’s the latter who verifies and approves the DTR that she signs, which he did. No less than Lee Kurging himself directly talked to Whole Ya on phone attesting that the signature appearing on Dyukalping’s DTR was his. In other words, he delivered a clear message to accounting officer that his signature was orig, real, genuine and matuod gid. But Whole Ya preferred to be ignorant.

In other words, wala nya ginamit utok nya. That’s not the first act of Boy Angsot, in fact. This whacko who peed twice on the plastic couch of Mary Lao, the real and orig PIO of the kingdom, a year earlier deprived Dyukalping of her P2,000 performance bonus by arbitrarily giving her the grade of “4” in personnel performance assessment, a failing mark that automatically disqualifies any emplopyee from getting his/her bonus.

The grade he gave was whimsical: he insisted that Dyukalping was guilty of tardiness. He did not base it on the DTR which stated otherwise. That abusive conduct of Boy Angsot was brought to the attention of King Tura who reprimanded him. Boy Angsot promised to reform himself, he would be a good boy, peksman, promise to god, mother die.

Another incident: During the state of the kingdom address (SKA) delivered by King Tura, Boy Angsot took pictures of some of the guests – like Ligaya and Dr. John Stone of the Savior Medical City.

He posted his shot, with the mug of Ligaya highlighted, and wrote the caveat: “beware of this woman.” He posted that shot in the web page of King Tura together with the description that Ligaya and the doctor were “gatecrashers” forgetting the fact that the pair went to the SKA on official invitation from King Tura, regular outpatient of the hospital chain.

(That’s why yours truly already “undfriended” the account bearing the name “King Tura” because it is actually the whacko Boy Angsot operating it.)

Ligaya and Dok Stone personally went to the King’s office to lodge a complaint. King Tura was on official trip that day and named Lady Sussy the OIC. Lady Sussy gave Boy Angsot a dressing down.

“We are doing our best to avoid acts that would destroy the good image of the king and the kingdom but you are undermining that by your stupidity,” Lady Sussy reminded him.

Boy Angsot was humbled and promised to reform himself, cross my heart, peksman, mother die.

Don’t be deluded, Lady Sussy. Boy Angsot will strike again. For the meantime, may yours truly suggest that Whole Ya, the empty brain at the accounting, be also given a dressing down for defying Lee Kurging who reaffirmed his own signature.

This empty brain instead gave credence to Boy Angsot who insisted that Kurging’s signature was fake.


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