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Who is GariNapoles?

What? She has projects in Paranaque?

Kamlon and Ibrahim, anchors of the Sunday noontime talk show “Ukay-Ukay”, muttered that in disbelief after learning that health undersecratary Janette Garin plunked her discretionary funds for infra-projects in Paranaque City which is beyond the borders of her constituency in her years as member of the Lower House (1st district, Iloilo)’



Garin admitted she did put her pork barrel in the Metro Manila City but explained it was a “swap” with Rep. Roilo Golez who put in the same amount in Garin’s constituency, which is “common practice” in the national legislature.  

“Ukay-Ukay” Visayan for “rummaging” is aired live via Aksyon Radyo.

The “swap” of funds inspired the two broadcasters to rename the former solon “GariNapoles”, after the controversial Janet Lim Napoles who is now in the epicenter of the raging storm spun by the P10 – B pork barrel scam.

Napoles, reports say, put up bogus NGOs which laundered pork barrels of members of both houses of Congress under a 70 – 30 scheme.



Kamlon and Ibrahim further needled the undersecretary’s butt by playing up the “overpriced” multi-cabs that she distributed to municipal and barangay governments in her congressional district that comprises the towns of Oton, Tigbauan, Guimbal, Miagao, San Joaquin, Igbaras and Tubungan.

The duo say each vehicle commanded P250,000 purchase value. “People are not ignorant: for only P80,000, one can buy a multi-cab in good running order,” explain Ibrahim and Kamlon. “We can even have a discount for buying in bulk.”


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