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Boy Angsot strikes anew

The real info officer of the Kingdom by the River, Mary Lao, thought she was blessed after King Arthur ordered a gripe session where she poured her heart out against Boy Angsot the pretender.


The occasion gave Mary Lao and another aggrieved denizen, Dyukalping, opportunity to update King Tura of the shenanigans of Boy Angsot and his highhanded manner.


Boy Angsot emerged from King Tura’s chamber humbled who promised (pex man, mother die) not to repeat his stupid acts like peeing on the room of Mary Lao which he did twice, inserting a metal paper fastener on Mary Lao’s door knob to prevent her from unlocking her office, and pestering her no more with uncalled for remarks.




Mary Lao who holds a real MA degree, was dismayed when Boy Angsot blocked her to finish her job of evaluating LGUs on their best practices in good governance. The outstanding ones will be cited and given recognition during the Kingdom anniversary fete.


Boy Angsot  boasts of an MA (which he got from the University of Sultan Kudarat, where is that? Dolpo Cajon-Cajon of the Uncivil Service, attention!), is presently taking his master’s at the Western University.


Aside from belittling her writing ability, Boy Angsot makes official travels of Mary Lao difficult, because he requires her to attach her “certificates of appearance” to the processing of payroll, a circuitous and needless procedure which Xander the accountant mindlessly parrots in deference to her warped brain and to Boy Angsot.


King Tura looked intently while Dyukalping narrated she was deprived of her two productivity pays, at P2,000 each, because Boy Angsot gave her a red mark of 4 allegedly for tardiness (when her DTR from the biometrics showed otherwise).


Boy Angsot arbitrarily froze Dyukalping’s application to monetize her leave credits in February, about P20,000 which she needed to pay for her father’s medication. He gave her a run-around, refusing to sign her application not until the confrontasi where King Tura ordered him so. While her family desperately scrounged for funds to save her old man, Boy Angsot, was taking his sweet time, six months.


Sexual harassment of college OJTs.


Two weeks after class opening, four students from the Unibersidad of Punggol Kahoy, a Catholic school, quit their on-the-job-training (OJT) under Boy Angsot for sexual harassment. The misfit, who is too lazy to write press releases but leaves that daily chore on his two subordinates, sent them suggestive text messages and, while at the office, would caress them.


Should Tura be interested in unearthing this stench, here’s one clue: one of the victims has un uncle at the Kingdom and lives at Lafooos. Her father waited for Boy Angsot at the gate one fine afternoon – with a baseball bat hidden in his bag.


In cahoots with Xander.


This mindless executive abetted Boy Angsot’s deviltry by requiring another victim, Bikya who is friend of Mary Lao, to attach her “certificates of appearance” to the payroll allegedly to prove her travels. Xander confessed it was as per advice by Boy Angsot. Bikya though knows her law: she and sternly reminded Xander to process the payroll or bear the consequences of playing stupid and puppet of Boy Angsot.


Bikya went to Boy Angot’s, opened the door without knocking and unleash a torrent of angry words in the presence of people.


“Gago ka nga mango ka! Gamando-mando ka lang sg ginago nga polisa para pabudlayan ako nga gago kag mango ka….!” Went her tirade.


Boy Angsot was stunned.


Latest caper.  


Mary Lao thought all was well.




Agosto diez y nueve, a certain Salibungga, went to her office informing her to vacate because her room has been decided by Dok Kagaw and Boy Angsot to be occupied by her (Salibungga) who was just named in-charge of the “social-media room”.


Boy Angsot, as background, had long wanted to seize control of the kingdom’s web page but officer in charge Marionlos objected. So, Boy Angsot tapped Salibungga, her name is being hissed by all her 18 subordinates in another office, to set up the “social media room” with full blessing of Dok Kagaw the butler and at the expense of Mary Lao.


When that materializes, Mary Lao will hold office at the corridor.


I will deal with Dok Kagaw, the scoundrel of a buttler, later.


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