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Bogus transport leaders, racketeers behind Comprehensive Perimeter Ordinance

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to smell rat in the upcoming Comprehensive Perimeter Boundary Ordinance which seeks to ban all provincial PUJs from unloading passengers and cargoes at the Super Market or Terminal Market which is not even at the center of downtown Iloilo City.



Bagong Alyansang Makabayan members at city hall rallying against the CPBO.

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan members at city hall rallying against the CPBO.




The CPBO, having gone through first reading and is currently subject of public hearings, doesn’t intend to decongest the roads because it starts off from the superstition that the culprit for road logjams are provincial PUJs refusing to admit well documented facts that the daily bottlenecks occur on roads where provincial PUJs don’t pass.


At any time in Iloilo City, private vehicles outnumber PUJs 7:1, which means, private vehicles which carry smaller number of passengers than PUJs, are the culprits.


What about the racket disguised as livelihood for city loop drivers? It is a racket for bogus transport leaders in cahoots with thieves at the LTFRB. The vacuum caused by the ban on provincial PUJs will simply be filled up by new routes and franchises which causes even wore bottlenecks.


An applicant for franchise coughs up at least P30,000 because all franchises are already “bought” and applicants are asked to “transact” with holders of “inactive” franchises.


Three bogus transport leaders hold three separate inactive franchises-for-sale to applicants at P30,000 apiece minimum. The “inactive” franchises are made to appear to have been paid separately. On closer look, they carry only the same receipt number thought bearing different names of payers.


Actual payment for processing, publication and hearing of franchises cost an applicant only P1,500 which include appearance fee for lawyers for the hearing with the regional hearing officer.


The biggest beneficiaries of this racket are owners of PUJ terminals — all privately owned, racketeers disguised as transport leaders, and owners of private vehicles whose privilege to park on both sides of busy roads for hours, will mature into a right.



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