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RH Bill has enough votes in Senate?

That is what Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago says in a report that has been “twitted” on my account. Well, that’s good news.

The RH Bill has been sidelined the past 15 years, says its principal author at the Lower House, Rep. Janet Garin (1st district, Iloilo).

Incidentally, the staunchest RH Bill proponents at the Upper House are women: Sen. Pia Cayetano and Defensor-Santiago.

In predicting smooth sailing for the passage of the bill at the Senate, Defensor-Santiago says at least 11 senators are for it. Anti-R Bill senators introduced four amendments, all of them shot down by a vote of 11 against 6, adds Santiago.

Hope for the immediate passage of the RH Bill. Oppositors merely rehash old arguments that people ignore anyway. Top apologists of the antis act like clowns. There is Sen. Vicente Sotto III who equates it to contraceptive use and sheds crocodile tears for the death of his baby, blaming its demise on the pill. It turned out that the medication was introduced in the market only in 1975, two years after his son was buried.

The Philippine Senate is the only one of its kind in the world which tolerates intellectual dishonesty. First off, Sotto lied when he cried crocodile tears over his son and second, when he blamed the pill that reached the market two years after his son’s death.

Third Sotto lied and lied repeatedly and brazenly at that after he was exposed to have plagiarized written works of others to support his anti-RH stand. He even dared plagiarized the works of US Sen. Robert Kennedy and his daughter’s, the latter pro-RH which Sotto lifted and twisted to suit his anti-RH agenda.

Another clown is Manila Catholic Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo who insists that God is so angry that he has sent Typhoon Pablo that devastated E. Mindanao last December 4, 2012. At least 418 bodies were recovered in the aftermath of the super-typhoon. Hundreds are still missing. The howler left behind vast swaths of destruction — houses, farms especially banana plantations, corn crops flattened.

Instead of condoling and marshalling church resources to rush aid to the victims, the clown wants us to believe that Pablo’s destruction is a sign that the gods are on the warpath against the RH Bill.

The recycled argument that RH Bill is pro-abortion when its texts show none on that but provisions affirming women’s entitlement to information on their reproductive rights, and access to maternity health services, so to help space births or plan the number of children, increase child survival and reduce maternal mortality rate of which the Philippines is 48th in the world as of 2009.

Another clown is Mr. Eye Bag. Eye Bag never finished college but pretends he has excellent academic credentials. He proudly introduces himself in his social media account a graduate of the University of Sto. Tomas.

Nothing really riles him than reading the pro-RH opinion pieces of yours truly. For all intents and purposes, he has the temerity to flaunt his literary superiority, berate my writings and even teach yours truly how to write.

Be that as it may, Eye Bag got his name for his restlessness at night. He denies ingesting “upper” drugs that keep him up in his nocturnal life, and reports to work the next day sporting a pair of eyebags. He insists he only takes “life supporting drugs”.

Whatever he may mean by that, Eye Bag cannot hide the fact that he was kicked out of the seminary in college, for of all reasons, he flunked in English grammar and writing. He writes kilometrically, using hifallutin terms because his purpose is not to communicate but to impress. He once tried to submit an article for his school organ that his editor trashed for verbosity.

Until today, this self-proclaimed literary guru still refuses to understand that clarity and simplicity are still cherished values in good writing.

Writing is a skill that is developed over the years. One learns to write through continued practice and diligent reading. Like the skill in swimming, it is done rather than crowed about like what Mr. Eye Bag does.

Mr. Eye Bag cannot write a full length article because his thoughts are scattered and disjointed, indicative of his mental and emotional state, or unstate. He has no discipline to write and finish a full-length opinion piece in one sitting. No editor would waste his/her time rearranging his scattered thoughts.

Until today, he is stuck as a DJ. He has all chances to finish college and take better jobs, all of which he blew.

A priest who was his friend back in the seminary years helps him make ends meet but that’s not the long term solution.

Whenever Mr. Eye Bag befriends you and invites you to a drink with beer, make sure you have money. Otherwise, both you and him would end up in the calaboose. Just be forewarned.


One comment on “RH Bill has enough votes in Senate?

  1. I am not identifying Eye Bag to save his children from public embarrassment nor be identified by their moron of a father who could have been made to believe their dad did finish college with flying colors.

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