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Hi-school studes to send relief to `Sendong’ victims

DepEd program supervisor Atty. Febi Fanco (seated) and INHS Principal Nordy Siazon brief reporters on the leadership skills training for 700 officers of student governments in Iloilo public high schools, and the campaign of the sudent governments to help over 1,000 teachers and 25,000 students victims of typhoon Sendong that battered Mindanao last December 16.

ILOILO CITY (13 January 2012) – The Department of Education (DepEd) is holding a leadership training for officers of students’ organizations in public high schools of Iloilo Province, announced Atty. Febi Fanco, education program supervisor of DepEd Iloilo.

The DepEd helps students form their “supreme student government” (SSGs) in every high school to inculcate leadership skills on the young.

The training, 12-15 February, includes writing and oral communication skills, and planning of activities, for the target 700 high school students.

The SSGs of Iloilo Province were among the first to send relief to victims of Typhoon Sendong that triggered flashfloods in Mindanao December 16 that killed some 1,600 people and damaged more than P1.5 billion in properties. Badly hit were the cities of Iligan and Cagayan de Oro where entire families drowned or were missing in the aftermath.

“We want to solicit money and goods for the victims but we are prohibited by law,” admited Nordy Siazon, principal of the Iloilo National High School (INHS) venue of the press briefing with DepEd’s Fanco. “So we coordinated with the supreme student governments to do the soliciting which is allowed by law.”

DepEd-Iloilo’s relief operation continues and targets 1,000 teachers victims of the floods who either they died or lost members of their families and homes.

More than 25,000 public school students in flood stricken areas are in need of school supplies. DepEd Iloilo is also rushing solicitations to buy education materials for their counterparts in Mindanao.

Siazon added that the INHS’s 4,000-strong student contributed P10-coin each immediately after news broke of Sendong’s wrath. “These are not enough and we are fanning out to other public high schools of Iloilo to contribute to alleviate the sufferings of their fellow students in Mindanao,” he said.


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