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Trenas ‘PPP’, twits Gonzalez

Today’s resource person at Kape kag Isyu, former justice secretary Raul Gonzalez, Sr., warned that the Aquino administration’s knack to disrespect the independence of the judiciary reveals the President’s tendency to be autocratic. 

On local politics, Gonzalez admitted he and two other political figurres — Larry Jamora and Rommel Ynion — had been meeting. He admitted that the Comelec may dismiss his election protest on the basis of the technical problems in the automated elections which he alleged to have been reprogrammed to ensure his defeat and that of his son and namesake who was running for his third and final term in Congress. 


Signs of manipulated counting: all PICUS machines in Iloilo City failed to transmit their result via email because there was “no signal”. Remote barangays in the boondocks of Iloilo were already done by 8 pm. All thE PICUS machines were kept in the private houses of elections supervisors, instead of being kept at the school or voting precinct. The hard copy of the results, the tapes, bore no Comelec mark. They were just like the tape receipts of teller machines in supermarkets. The day after elections, the PICUS machines were still not turned over to the city board of election canvassers. 

Gonzalez said that Iloilo City before had a congressman who was “PPP” or “pungku, pamati, pauli” (sit, listen and go home). “Now history repeats itself,” he mused.

After the show, we repaired to Joe’s Chicken Inato for lunch.


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