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Meet Edwin Catacutan

When did the industrial and cultural revolution begin? Short of calling the papacy bastion of ignorance, Edwin Catacutan says: “The Pope even made the sun revolve around the earth…the Industrial Revolution, and with it, science and culture, took giant strides after England divorced from Vatican.” We may also say by inference, in mainland Europe, humanity also began the Industrial Revolution and the great intellectual and cultural awakening, the Rennaisance, when the monk Martin Luther and the Germans and the rest of Northern Europe “divorced” from the Dark Age preserved by the Pope.

Edwin Catacutan, a practicing lawyer based in Iloilo has dabbled into literature with his book “Creation, Fall and Redemption” subtitled “A Lawyer’s Incursion into Theology”

The meeting was coincidental. We both have cases to be heard at the MTCC Branch 7 that morning of December 7, 2011 when Edwin broached the fact that he has just published a book. 

The photo-ops was done before the Honorable Presiding Judge Rene Gonzales entered the court room.

Lawyer Edwin Catacutan holding his book “Creation, Fall and Redemption” subtitled “A Lawyer’s Incursion into Theology”


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