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Kape kag Isyu: Energy saving tips

By Pet Melliza 

 Iloilo City, Philippines (24 September 2011) — Today’s edition of Kape kag Isyu has two officials of Panay Electric Company (PECO) as guests.

 Pearlie Domingo, executive assistant to the vice-president for operations of the power distributor, has a power-point presentation on energy saving tips. PECO is adjusting its rate by P3.40 per kilowatt/hour after the Energy Regulatory Commission granted the application of the Panay Energy Development Corporation (PEDC), owner of the newly built coal-fired power plant, for a an increase of the same amount.

The rate increase has triggered uproars from consumer groups who realized consumers have been deceived into accepting the controversial coal-fired power plant on the (false) promise that it would reduce power rates.


Lower your power consumption by practicing energy-saving tips, according to Ms. Domingo.


Dara Liboon, a legal officer of PECO, reports that PECO has established a Gawad Kalinga Village at San Isidro Jaro, that provides shelter to over 50 families displaced by Typhoon Frank in June 2008 that killed more than 100 persons in this city and submerged more than 50 percent of the city.


The village was funded by the PECO foundation and has  functioning water and power lines when the beneficiaries resettled there.





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