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‘Ecumenical’ reunion of CICM alumni

ILOILO CITY, PHILIPPINES ( 24 August 2011) — The reunion was some sort of “ecumenical”.

We all came from the same religious trunk which splintered or gave rise to several branches. We may have went our separate ways but we share common roots.

This night, we converged at the house of Jime Gatusang, class 1977 of the CICM Maryshore Seminary in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. Joining us were Fr. Vic Coronado (CICM class? for sure he is much younger than us), Fr. Rex Salvilla (CICM class 1980), Fr. Noel Octaviano (CICM class? also way younger than us), Doming Oso (1978), Tony Samonte (1980) and Boy Sabido (high school class 1974, classmate of Oso).

I am a heretic (CICM class 1978) and care no less belaboring my brain whether god were a triumvirate or that mary Mary were indeed biologically virgin.

The CICM congregation Philippine Province split in the early 2000 with majority of Filipino priests and one Belgian in mass exodus to form the Missionaries of Jesus (MJ).

Rex Salvilla is now the father provincial of the CICM Philippines, Noel Octaviano is one of the founders of the MJ while Vic Coronado joined the Diocese of New Jersey (He came to the country to bury his father).

Tony Samonte (class 1980) retired as guidance counselor of De Paul College, Iloilo City to run a lucrative catering business. Jim Gatusang retired also and relaxes as he, wife Terry and son Matthew occasionally tour the world. 

Doming Oso (my classmate in class 1978) is losing much of his hair but not his head. He is now well off with two security agencies and a security training academy at his disposal.

Boy Sabido retired from San Miguel Corporation (poultry line) to run his own poultry that disposes 40,000 heads for San Miguel every growing (35 days rearing plus one month fallowing to cut off the life cycle of disease-carrying micro-organisms).

L to R: Doming Oso, Vic Coronado, Jim Gatusang

L to R: Tony Samonte and Rex Salvilla. Rex by the way is the father provincial of CICM Philippine Province

L to R: Noel Octaviano and Boy Samonte. Noel is co-founder of the Missionarie sof Jesus (MJ) after splitting from the CICM.

Vic Coronado (extreme right) joined the Diocese of New Jersey. Doming Oso (center with cap) is doing well as lawyer but is doing better as businessman

Jim Gatusang (right in jacket), retired salesman

Tony Samonte (right), retired guidance counselor of De Paul College, Iloilo City. Boy Sabido (in green shirt) is retired executive of San Miguel (poultry products).

Rex saying grace too fast, finishing it before you are done making the sign of the cross

Abe (right) joined us later, after his last class at San Agustin U. He handels guidance counseling and teaches psychology.

Terry (right), the lovely wife of Jim Gatusang


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