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Education for all

ILOILO CITY (19 July 2011) –Over 2,000 students from three state-run schools in Iloilo (UPV, WVSU and WVCST), converged at around 2:30 pm today in front of the Iloilo Provincial Capitol, to deliver their own version of the State of the Nation Address (SONA) to be delivered on the same occasion by His Excellency PNoy Aquino, elder brother of Her Honor Kristita you-know-who.

They shouted “education for all”, “education is a right”, “increase education subsidy”, “stop education budget cuts” and “food and education not guns and bullets”. They demanded of the Aquino administration to stop stop budget cuts in education.


The rally was peaceful because no riot police was around.


At 54, I have nothing else to say but salute to these brave young men and women who continue the struggle for national freedom and democracy.


Incidentally, the rally does not make mention of foreign domination, particularly, by the US on Philippine polity, and its other twins which are  landlessness or feudalism, and bankrupt governance,  which lethally combine to make the Philippines a backward, agrarian, pre-industrial economy.




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