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Spare that tree

Spare that narra tree

The narra tree beside the gate of the Iloilo Capitol is the contemporary of the one about to be cut down beside the power substation, facing the Iloilo River.

After shearing a half-century old narra tree, morons responsible for it further ensured that the tree that stood by at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol Ground since the time of Gov. Rafael “Nono” Palmares dies for lumber by debarking  its trunk.
Stripping off the bark and outer layers around the trunk stops nutrients from reaching other parts of the plant eventually killing it.
The pics that I took of the dying tree show one thing, morons behind it want it for lumber. It does not endanger public safety or any public building or structure.
Narra is the national tree of the Philippines and its cutting is strictly regulated. According to DENR rules, one needs a permit signed by the DENR secretary to cut a narra tree.
The endangered tree. The morons ensured its eventual death by de-barking its trunk.
The red ring on the trunk of the endangered narra tree is actually the bare wood, after it is debarked.
The procedure gradually kills the tree as nutrients cannot circulate on the upper portions, above the
debarked area.
Ironically, the Iloilo Capitol (white building at the background) is embarking
on a program to plant one million tree seedlings this year.
The endangered tree (right of the power subststion) is still three meters away and poses
no danger to the structure, the fence or electric lines. It is being killed for lumber,
narra being a first class hard wood.

The narra tree beside the gate of the Iloilo Capitol is the contemporary of the one about to be cut down beside the power substation, facing the Iloilo River.
The next day, the “collar” (debarked portion ringing around the tree) was laid over with tar. At least, the tar can help the injured tree against fungal infection that may be caused by heavy moisture and rains.
May this 50-year old narra tree survive the onslaught of the morons who thought they have the power to steal a national tree right inside the Capitol grounds, or better still, these morons who thought they could rob the people to enjoy the right to see their national tree in full bloom.

After sensing that the public already got wind of their plan to cut down the narra tree, the cabal behind it hurriedly painted tar on the “collar” or the ring around the trunk that had been “skinned” or stripped

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  1. i have to correct myself. “Girdling”, not “collaring” as I earlier wrote, disrupts the flow of nutrients upwards and downward. The food fabricated by the leaves cannot get down to the roots while water and other raw materials cannot get to the “industries” above, the leaves which through photosynthesis convert them into food for the plant or tree.

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