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Ex-communicate me, too

BY PET MELLIZA/ The Beekeeper

The threat of using the ultimate weapon of the Dark Age, the thing called
“ex-communication”, is being raised anew against infidels and heretics who want
the Philippine government put more teeth to the United Nations Food Fund’s
“millennium development goal” (MDG) to enhance mother’s and child’s survival and
reduce maternal and infant’s death.

The Philippines is among the countries’ with dismal record in complying with the
international protocol. The good news though is that it now attempts to stand up
to its commitment to ratify it by enacting the Reproductive Health Bill (RHB)
that has been in the pipeline of Congress in the ‘90s yet.

The Holy of Holies opposes the RHB calling it “abortion bill”. The Holy of
Holies is on the warpath against something it has not read nor is willing to
understand. The Holy of Holies is trying to mobilize an army of ignoramuses,
misnamed Pro-Life Advocates, to wage war against the RHB. It now pushes its
multitudes of lay groups like Knights of Columbus, Mother of Perpetual Help,
Sacred Heart, Couples for Christ, Singles for Christ, Barangay sg Birhen, ad
nauseam, to do the job.

The Philippines has among the world’s highest incidence in maternal mortality or
pregnancy or child-delivery related deaths, 160 out of 100,000 pregnancy cases,
in 2009. That translates, in the same year, to 13 mothers dying daily.

In so fighting the RHB, the Philippine Sanhedrin merely condemns itself to
irrelevance. It refuses to see that we are in the IT age now and have the means
to access knowledge with a stroke in the keyboard in matter of seconds; it
refuses to accept that we are no longer in the Dark Age that it wants to bring
us back to where it once monopolized the knowledge and power over the living and
the dead, the seen and unseen, et saecula saeculorum, amen, refusing to admit
the pulpit or Sunday school is no longer our exclusive source of wisdom today.

The modern phenomenon of majority of Catholics refusing to join the mobilization
into its Army of Ignoramuses merely affirms the triumph of the Age of
Enlightenment, a movement in the 18th century yet, over death. Death disguised
as “pro-life movement” today no longer holds power over the faithful who has
broken free from theocratic stranglehold.

Ex-communication, the most feared weapon of the Holy of Holies in the Dark Ages,
presages death not just of the body, but the spirit.

The Holy of Holies has woven the fairy tale of eternal life of happiness in
heaven on one hand and on the other, perpetual damnation in hell. It holds the
key to heaven and so has the power to deny it to anybody who defies its holy

Anybody it ex-communicates becomes spiritually dead, denied of communion on
earth and access to heaven, and conversely, exclusively assured of doom in hell.

Your Beekeeper, for one, is simply amused at its fanaticism to hold on to its
vanishing moral ascendancy that it once held supreme during the Dark Age when
humanity was kept in the dark by the oppressive rule of feudalism, when kings
and gods were one, where the deities decreed that kings, dukes, archdukes, and
popes were its alter egos on earth.

It is said that knowledge is power and freedom. Humanity’s march of overcoming
ignorance is already beyond the control of the Holy of Holies who now acts like
a mental toddler desperately trying to block humanity’s historical decision of
freeing itself.

Rep. Janette Garin (Lakas, 1st district, Iloilo) is one such person who has
attained that level of knowledge and freedom that elevates her above the fear of
excommunication or eternal damnation in hell. We wish her more strength to carry
on as principal sponsor of the RHB.

My colleague, Peter Jimenea, is another intellectual who has respect for the
Holy of Holies and its freedom to shout itself hoarse against the RHB.

However, he maintains his own freedom and so defies its decree against endorsing
the RHB even to the point of daring point blank in his columns the Holy of
Holies: “Ex-communicate me!”

Your Beekeeper joins him in that declaration.


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