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>Globe’s gimmickry drives us nuts


Last Tuesday, yours truly complained to the Globe center at SM Delgado about its unsolicited offers that could rob you blind. Its number 2332 notified me “thanking” me for using its ring back tones which it will activate in 15 days worth only P15 per tone.
I could not recall having subscribed to any ring tone or consented to any offer from Globe but here it goes again executing a gimmick to earn a windfall by defrauding subscribers.
As a matter of habit, whenever, I got such “free” notice from Globe, I immediately deleted it. But it appears that Globe’s number 2332 is too persistent and hell bent to rob subscribers no-matter-what.
Anyway, the teller at the Globe center accommodated me and after a few minutes of tinkering with his keyboard, informed me that the service provider would notify me that my ring back tone subscription would be cut off.
At early afternoon, I got a text message informing that my unit had been unsubscribed. Minutes later, another message from number 2332 informed me “you have pressed the wrong code”.
Yesterday noon, yours truly got another message from Globe itself “thanking” me for using ring back tones and this time, it would be “free.”
I have had enough of Globe’s gimmickry. Last year, I bought a Globe Tattoo broadband with the promise I could surf the word wide web (www) whenever Globe signal was available. I was duped. The broadband did not work; it did not connect me with the rest of the world. It only fleeced me some P750 for the price of a unit and two 300-peso loads that simply expired without connecting me to the internet.
Whenever I clicked the connect icon of Globe Tattoo, my unit did link up with the service provider. But it could not get me to a single browser like “yahoo” or “google chrome”. The monitor just flashed the “buffering” sign telling users to wait but that wait was for eternity. In other words, I wasted two 300-peso loads on my Globe Tattoo on top of the P750 per unit of its broadband that never worked.
This time around with Globe’s number 2332 pestering us with unsolicited but paid notices, Globe Telecom could be up either to fleece subscribers or just to get into their nerves and surge their blood pressures or make them nuts.
This gimmickry of Globe Telecom is worse than that played on us by a certain Buenaventura Geronimo Treñas last elections.
BGT’s short name is Jerry Treñas, former mayor of Iloilo City and now its lone representative to the Lower House.  He erected a huge billboard at the Western Visayas Regional Medical Center announcing the rise of a new structure in the same compound that would be called “Iloilo City Hospital”.
Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog has made good his campaign platform of erecting the Iloilo City College which is now in the works at Molo district. Mabilog delivered.
But BGT did not. So far, the only thing he completed was the billboard installed last May 2010 yet. In other words, his promise is empty. It has never gone beyond propaganda. The only thing that Treñas delivered is the billboard itself.
At least, Treñas’s broken promise can make us smile for revenge by giving him the boot come May 2013 elections.
Globe’s gimmickry can only drive us nuts.

One comment on “>Globe’s gimmickry drives us nuts

  1. >For all the honors and accolades BGT has, he is still a politician – not exempt from the habit of the tongue.

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