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>35-day old broilers


Are we safe with 35-day old “factory chicken”?

With factory chickens (commercial broilers) treated with heavy doses of synthetic drugs, we don’t know how safe it is. Today, technology broilers has shortened from 45 to 35 days the period to harvest the birds weighing one to 1.3 kilos each.

A former colleague at the CICM Maryshore Seminary, Talisay, Negros Occidental, Dr. German Punzalan, an orthopedic surgeon in Iloilo, warns of the ill effects of the 35-day old chicken. 

“I avoid commercial chicken as much as possible,” he says.

The artificial enzymes speeds up maturity of girls which could be the reason why, today, a grade five pupil (11 years old) reaches puberty when that period 10 years ago is one or two years later, that is, the first menstrual period for girls happened in high school and quite seldom during elementary.

There is no substitute to the “native” chicken or “manok bisaya”, the term often used for free-ranged or “green” chicken. The taste is superior and does not endanger public health. The picture above shows the free-ranged birds being transported from the public market of Igbaras, Iloilo for Iloilo City for sale to restaurants.

From L-R: This writer, Dr. Punzalan, Tony Samonte, Cesar
Miranda and FR. JR Noriega, CICM at the wake of
Cesar Miranda’s father, Fidel, at Trapeche, Oton, Iloilo

Big restaurants like Tatoys Manokan in Villa Arevalo, Iloilo City, and Breakthrough Restaurants in Calumpang, Molo, Iloilo City, are swarmed daily by people wanting to taste grilled or lechon native chicken. 

I am not a physician and it’s not confirmed by research, as well, how heavy dosage of steroids, especially, estrogens in 35-day old broilers, affect humans. 

It could also be the reason for the rising number of male homosexuals, adds Dr. Punzalan. I don’t know whether or not he is serious or just joking.


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