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>Grand Plan at the Kingdom by the River 3


By Peter G. Jimenea, Hole of Justice

Thanks to friends and readers at the Marymart food court for their encouragement to yours truly to continue nailing the top brass of Oplan Pagbag-o on the cross, and in exposing their plot to take control of the Kingdom by the River for the benefit of Bigboy.
Anybody watching events at the Kingdom by the River can readily see the lawlessness as key players of Oplan Pagbag-o push their plan through toward, well, pagbag-o. They boldly swing their arms wide not minding they might hit others’ noses in the process.
Dok Kagaw, the chief butler, Tibakla and Hydrocephallus usurped the power of the legislative body by merging three divisions into one to make it a full-fledged office headed by Hydrocephallus who is unqualified because he has no master’s degree.
Next, they demoted the information officer  Ma’am Malou as consequence of “promoting” Hydrocephallus to the same position notwithstanding his incompetence. Not contented with that, Hydrocephallus, Dok Kagaw and Tibakla conspired to drop Ma’am Malou from the roster of employees, in effect, firing her from service.
Ma’am Malou committed no infraction to merit such punishment. Only the appointing officer can remove an employee, after due hearing. A dismissed employee still has the remedy to file a motion for reconsideration to an adverse ruling, if any. In all fours, her right as an employee is brazenly violated in the name of pagbag-o.
Tibakla is mentioned in my series “Trio Los Bobos”. She attended a seminar together with Sirum-Sirum in the land of Datu Saripada Humabon, neighbour, uncle but mortal enemy of Lapu-Lapu. To spare the Kingdom expenses, she spent the nights in a single room in a hotel with Sirum-Sirum and did not mind others who might see her and him emerging together from a single door.
In the case of Ma’am Malou, no complaint was lodged against her. There was no hearing. King Tura, the appointing officer has not made such decision yet. In other words, the key players of Oplan Pagbag-o usurped the power of King Tura in their sublime act of lawlessness to bring the Kingdom by the River and its 2,000 plus subjects to the path of pagbag-o. That’s very cute of them.
The only “fault” of Ma’am Malou is that she questioned her demotion and the usurpation by Hydrocephallus of her position as information officer before the Civil Service Commmission. Her termination from service as ordered by Tibakla, Hydrocephallus and Dok Kagaw,  will be another ammunition in her battle royale at the Civil Service Commission.
As a matter of procedure, appointment to a permanent career position in the Kingdom by the River follows the CSC requirement that interested parties must apply and second, undergo a process undertaken by the selection board or in our case, the Kingdom Selection Panel or KSP.
The KSP, sometimes taken to mean “kulang sa pansin”, was skirted in the promotion of Hydrocephallus, the real KSP,  to the top position of the merged offices. Seven months since King Tura was installed in the kingdom, the only tangible signs of “pagbag-o” is Oplan Pagbag-o, the key players thereof, throwing their weights around.
Dok Kagaw who earlier called himself “Mr. Clean” has enmeshed himself in shadowy transactions particularly, in the purchase of medicines. Seven months since King Tura was crowned, the kingdom clinic still has no medicine despite repeated requests.
The previous regime under King Bungs might have been swamped by criticisms of irregularities in the procurement of medicines and hospital equipment but it also deserves credit for investigating and blacklisting erring contractors and suppliers.
King Bungs, to his credit, blacklisted Cuneho de Lacoste, for delivering substandard and overpriced medicines and equipment; he was firm in disqualifying her from participating in public biddings until he ended his term.
Today, Conejo de Lacoste is back with vengeance. She has already made a deal with Dok Kagaw who in his previous employment as Royal Assistant to the Queen, dipped his hands in a ghost procurement of medicines worth fifteen million. (To be continued)

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