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>On the issue of plagiarism involving one SC justice


Retired Justice Santiago Kapunan

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) through its board of governnors, already filed a petition to intervene in the legal imbroglio spun by the motu proprio show-cause order of the High Court on the professors of the College of Law, University of the Philippines.

The Supreme Court ordered the UP law faculty to explain why no disciplinary sanction be meted on them, referring to a newly promulgated decision that the professors publicly branded to have been lifted verbatim from the treatise of an international jurist.

“We have filed a petition to intervene but beyond that, we can no longer comment or we might be cited for contempt for uttering sub-judice statements,” explained Rolando Ynting, IBG Governor for Eastern Visayas.

However, when pressed to give Iloilo reporters basic facts of the case, he said: “The Supreme Court already admitted there was some lapse or negligence somewhere.” Ynting, however, commented that the High Court  “should come up with clearcut pronouncement and impose appropriate sanctions on those liable for negligence.”

Intervening in the imbroglio, to enrich jurisprudence, says Mitoy Fernan
Cayusa (2nd from R) , IBP Gov. for Luzon 

Amador Tolentino, IBP Governor for Southern Luzon, however, insisted the matter involved not just ordinary negligence but “culpable negligence” which deserved heavier penalty. The Supreme Court noted there was failure to review that the footnote (citing the source) was deleted. He said: “Had here been a thorough review, such mistake should have been avoided. “There was culpable negligence; had there been a thorough review, it could have been discovered that a footnote has been deleted.”

“We have filed a petition to intervene because we also want to enrich jurisprudence,” noted Mitoy Fernan Cayusa, IBP Governor for Northern Luzon.

Nine members of the IBP Board of Governors with retired Justice Santiago Kapunan, the OIC,  visited Iloilo Friday (February 4) to consult with the Iloilo Chapter led by Marven Daquilanea. 
Rolando Ynting (with microphone)

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