>Tragic-Comedy at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol

>Something uncanny is unfolding at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol. A cabal of “experts” are out to re-engineer its personnel and offices.

The cabal comprises the Four Sirens of the Apocalypse namely, Famine, Draught, Pestilence and Pandemic, Dr. Jekyl & Hyde, and Madame Laptop.

Dr. Jekyl and the four Sirens of the Apocalypse are succeeding in creating a super-office by merging three divisions without legislative enactment. They created a position sans ordinance and promoted Mr. Hyde to its top post sans the process called PSB, which stands for “personnel selection board” that the law requires.

The procedure de facto demotes provincial information officer Mary Lao which contravenes Civil Service Rules and the Local Government Code that creates the position of PIO. Mary Lao’s descent is not even de facto: Dr. Jekyl and Hyde, in fact, continue to badger her to scram because Mr. Hyde is now the new PIO, according to them.

All that happened because the Four Sirens of the Apocalypse and Madame Laptop want that to happen, they are experts in inculcating professionalism and discipline in the government service.

Let’s see how would the scheme work. First, they created a super-office intended to promote the public image of the local government and the head thereof (Gov. Art) but entrusted the position on one who has a problem with his own image, or one who keeps on committing acts that sully his own reputation as a journalist and person.

Dr. Hyde must have thought that good governance is like running the five Mang Inasal outlets under his franchise and a company that imports cheap medicines from China.

Madame Laptop perhaps thinks that feigning professionalism is a cover for her own reputation after peeping toms caught her on top of Mr. Baruk at the Old Capitol after office hours eons ago where she got her name. She must have thought that associating with Dr. Jekyl and Hyde and the Four Sirens of the Apocalypse would save her from another office chief who openly castigates her for her recent adulterous tryst with a fellow chief.

This is hilarious: we are witness to a tragic-comedy series. Siren Pestilence is a brilliant mom who built a happy family comprising herself, her husband, her lover and their children to include one by the paramour. Siren Famine is now wrapped by a nice suit called estafa that was slapped on her for leaving her apartment without settling her arrears. Sirene Draught is still in a time warp: she thinks that the best of times is the Dark Ages that’s why she raves and rages against such opus of human creativity and genius as Hollywood’s “The Last Temptation of Christ”, “Schindler’s List” and “The Piano” and organized pickets against them at the entrance of the theater in a university that boasts of and fights for academic freedom.


2 comments on “>Tragic-Comedy at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol

  1. >Keep it up! If there's anybody who can topple the cabal around Governor Defender, it's you!

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