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>Use condom, Iloilo dad tells employees


ILOILO CITY, Philippines (January 24, 2011) — Be wise, if you are not prepared for pregnancy, abstain from sex. If not, then use condom.

That was what Iloilo Province Gov. Arthur D. Defensor, Sr., told provincial employees here gathered for their Monday morning flag ceremony.

Only the Pope so far of the thousands of predominantly conservative Catholic bishops worldwide, gave endorses condom that majority of local clerics consider as “sinful” to use.

The Archdiocse of Jaro that covers Iloilo Province and City and Guimaras island, is against the use of condom although none so far openly oppose it after Pope Benedict XVI declared he favored its use but only against the dreaded AIDS-HIV

“You, young employees who are still single, be sure to have sex only during your infertile period,” Defensor said. “If not, then use condom.”

The governor delivered the piece after the turn-over to the province of P400,000 check by Vicente Molejona, Western Visayas director of the Population Commmission (PopCom). the fund will be used to promote “responsible parenthood, euphemism for family planning.

“God already ceased creating lands long time ago but our population is ballooning,” Defensor said. He narrated a semi-fictional tale of “Binyang”, a woman in his town of Mina who had many children. “Everytime I come to this town, you are always pregnant,” he told the woman who answered: “What can I do? It’s God’s will”.

The story ended with Defensor admonishing her: “Don’t drag God’s name in your stupidity”.


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