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>Duped by Globe Tattoo

>By Pet Melliza, The Beekeeper

The giant Globe telecom is only doing itself a disservice and paving its own destruction selling a wireless broadband that, for all intents and purposes, is bogus.

Yours truly happens to be among the thousands lured into buying its Globe Tattoo. For a while, it chipped off a big chunk off the market of rival Smart “Bro” that hit the road running but ended up whacking its own clientele with lackadaisical services the way Globe Tattoo does to its own clients now.

We have been tricked and bilked by Globe Tattoo.

Globe gained because its rival defaulted. Stated otherwise, Smart Bro alienated its own market driving its patrons into the open arms of its rival which, in turn, is replicating the same self-destructive trick today.

We bought a unit of Globe Tattoo mid this year. For a while, it worked and served as good companion when we are out of office. It cost P2,600 initially. We bought one in July when Globe dived down its price to only P760 plus a free umbrella to boot.

Today, Globe Tattoo no longer connects. The PC might show that it is already linked to Globe but surfing the web pages always fail because Tattoo actually is not connected.

Globe bamboozles consumers. Its owner, Ayala Group raked a windfall — at the expense of consumers.

Yours truly loaded it with two P300-phone cards which turned out to be complete wastes. The first expired without making a single connection; the second is about to expire but is yet to connect. I only wasted money and time attempting to connect.

Globe must have sensed the public outrage triggered by its broadband fiasco. It shifted to selling another brand, Text Mate, at the very peak of the notoriety of its Tattoo. Given the track record of the company, the TM broadband is heading to the same direction,that is, it is programmed to crash as its cousin Globe Tattoo has been.

The broad daylight robbery, the grand estafa pulled off by Globe bespeaks of the corporate arrogance that the Ayala Group is known for. Supposedly, a good business person should protect its good name and the good will it earned over the years.

Globe does exactly the opposite. It does not bother to apologize for its disservice. It simply ignores the outrage and continues to draw more of it through its sheer callousness.

We cannot blame enraged consumers to cheer, clap hands even, every time the news breaks the its towers topple from the attacks of you-know-who.

We are not even surprised if enraged consumers pray for more you-know-who to pay its cell sites a visit and blow them to smithereens.
(The University of Iloilo Alumni Association calls on alumni for a reunion and Christmas party on December 18 at the Iloilo City campus.This is an opportunity for alumni to relive those yonder years down the memory lane with the alma mater and classmates. (Yours truly is a product of the UI college of law, batch ’97.)


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